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Presented by:
American Academy on Communication in Healthcare

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June 20-24, 2014
Stanford University | Palo Alto, CA

Communicating and learning in highly effective healthcare systems

The American Academy on Communication in Healthcare (AACH) invites you to attend ENRICH (Enriching Relationships in Communication and Healthcare). The 2014 course is hosted on the campus of Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, June 20-24, 2014. This 5-day intensive and interactive course engages and supports healthcare professionals as they strive toward improved communication and better experiences for patients and providers.  

The 2014 ENRICH Course will examine communication and learning within healthcare systems, including hospitals, medical schools, postgraduate programs, learning communities, and others, and will investigate best practices to engage and activate patients, learners, and practitioners.

ENRICH 2014 features five core workshop tracks:

1. Relationship-centered Communication Skills,

2. Interprofessional Team Development,

3. Relationship-centered Leadership

4.  Coaching, Feedback, and Remediation

5. Shared Decision Making

Featured keynote presentation topics approach specific areas of communication: Coaching/Remediation, Shared Decision Making, and Self-management Support.

Each participant will join a specialized small group led by an AACH faculty mentor. Participants engage with the same small group throughout the course and enjoy an opportunity to build meaningful connections and to learn on a deeper level. ENRICH attendees return to their organizations with a wealth of ideas and skills to share internally as they move toward communication improvement. Past ENRICH attendees highly recommend the program and value the learning outcomes achieved. 

Click the image below to access the course flyer.

Who should attend?
                                              Anyone interested in healthcare communication:                                      

Why attend?

• Enhance your communication and relationship building skills to improve clinical outcomes and patient safety

Improve your team's effectiveness, efficiency and morale

• Develop proficiency at interdisciplinary hand-offs to provide safe patient care

• Recharge your personal battery and passion – Become a more creative and dynamic change agent in healthcare

• Practice collaboration to obtain informed consent with patients and improve safety

• Manage emotions under stress and become more skilled at handling unanticipated medical outcomes and addressing  medical errors

• Become more skilled at turning conflict into opportunities to accept diversity and improve safety

• Impact the bottom line for your organization

• Complete requirements for risk management, communication, and team building