Enhancing Patient Experience through Healthcare Communication Research and Teaching
Director's Welcome
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"Empowering Patients to Change Health Behavior: The Role of Health Literacy and the Magic of the Baby Step," Terry Davis, PhD

"PCORI’s Role in Creating a Research Agenda to Reduce Disparities and Improve Health Outcomes," Romana Hasnain-Wynia, PhD


This interactive workshop demonstrates a successful model for fostering communication skills that will improve patient and provider experiences. 

Meet the Professor

This lunch session gives meeting attendees small-group time with these experts to promote dialogue on high-priority topics, hear their vision for the future, ask questions and learn from their experience.

Who attends and why?

Researchers, educators, and clinicians interested in improving communication in healthcare.
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October 17-19, 2014​, Orlando, FL

 The Rosen Plaza |
9700 International Dr.

The focus on communication in healthcare continues to grow as healthcare systems evolve and expand to meet the rising needs of patients and families. The AACH Research & Teaching Forum is one way to ensure that you are on the cutting-edge with the latest research and information. This interdisciplinary event will have a wealth of information for physicians, nurses, educators, researchers, and any other profession interested in healthcare communication. In addition to the many workshops, oral presentations, and poster sessions, you'll also be treated to an incredible line up of keynote sessions.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Discuss innovative concepts and strategies for teaching and evaluating clinical communication skills
  • Identify and demonstrate key communication skills that lead to effective patient-centered care
  • Discuss the latest research and research methods around improving and evaluating healthcare communication

Sample Topics:
Communication in the Patient-Centered Medical Home Health literacy
Building collaborative healthcare teams Health professional identity and vulnerability
Communication and relationships on healthcare teams Humanities in medicine
Patients and families as members of healthcare teams Intercultural communication and language barriers
Basic and applied research in clinical communication Linguistics and sociolinguistics
Teaching and evaluating clinical communication skills Patient and community engagement
Communication and behavior change Patient education and decision aids
Communication in chronic conditions including cancer
Patient participation and shared decision making
Communication and emotion Professionalism in health care
Communication and health disparities Psychophysiology and communication
Communication research methodology Risk communication and medical decision making
Communication technology and e-learning Social media (e-health/m-health)
Ethical issues in communication Team and inter-professional communication